As we discussed in my last post. “Your attitude affects your altitude.” But what does this really mean? In short it means you’re not going to get where you really want to be without the right attitude. I say the right attitude because different attitudes fit different situations. For example, if you’re an NFL linebacker your attitude can’t be one that does not want to hit people in fear that someone might get hurt. Whereas in sales, you can’t be abrasive with your attitude if you want to succeed in your sales goals. Well, you get the point. Attitude does affect the level of success you can have. We talked about four key words that define your attitude. They are as follows: beliefs, feelings, values, and dispositions. By defining these words, you can see where you can improve your attitude for better results in life. Now let’s deal with change agents that can help you to upgrade your attitude for better results.

These change agents can will effect your attitude in a positive way, thereby helping you look at life as an optimist and not a pessimist.

  1. Be honest with yourself.
    Most people have a hard time seeing themselves as having a negative attitude or needing an attitude adjustment. But when you have dreams and goals you really want to achieve, self evaluation is important to making the proper changes in your attitude. If you have a hard time with self evaluation, get a life coach or a mentor that you trust to do an evaluation for you.
  2. Practice being positive.
    Take a day or a week and practice finding something positive in as many situations as possible. This will not be easy if you have a negative disposition. Most people around you will be surprised while not even knowing what you’re doing. Start the day before by posting reminders to yourself in places like your bathroom mirror or refrigerator that say “I will be positive today” or “I will see the good in all that I do and others.” And keep your promise to yourself.
  3. Find positive people to be around.
    I always say people are like elevators. They can take you up or bring you down.
    Find people who have an up button on them and take the ride with them. I must warn you that most people have a negative disposition. So this is a tough assignment for you. But when all else fails, get audio CDs and downloads of motivational speakers. This is a good place to start.
  4. Change the way you use words.
    Start saying things in a more positive way and change some of the negative words that you use. For example you could take certain words out of your vocabulary for a day like the word “bad” and use a replacement word that’s more positive like “ok”. This will help change the way you talk.
  5. Read positive things.
    What you read can change how you see your world. And we know that how you see your world comes from what you know. Learn to know the effects of what a positive attitude can do for your life. Read some of the classics, such as The Power of Positive Thinking or As a Man Thinketh as well as many others. Reading the work of achievers can make a significant difference in your attitude.

A positive mental attitude alone won’t make you an automatic success. But it will improve your chances by a significant amount. It will almost always help you get through tough situations much easier. Try it for yourself, I think you’ll like what will happen to your life.