You’ve probably heard it said “Your attitude affects your altitude”. But what does that really mean? Let’s start with the meaning of the word attitude.

Attitude is a mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in a certain way.

There are four key words in this definition that are a clue to how to harness your attitude. These words are Beliefs, Feelings, Values, and Dispositions. All of these words have to do with your mental state of mind. Positive thinking alone doesn’t change you situation, but a positive mental attitude will cause you to do things differently, therefore changing your situation. Being positive is always a good way to think. You can take a person a long way if you start with a positive thought process. But mental attitude is far more powerful than just positive thinking. Let’s look at these four words I mentioned earlier and bring more clarity to the subject of having a positive mental attitude.

  1. Belief
    Belief is simply something you accept as true. It has nothing to do with truth, it’s just what you accept as truth. Many people believe things that are not true; for example, a kid might believe that a monster is in the room when the lights are turned off in spite of the fact that turning the lights out doesn’t change what’s in the room. Yet because they believe it does, they change how they act when the lights are turned out. They act afraid. Belief is a powerful thing as it pertains to your mental attitude. What you believe controls what you think, therefore controlling your mental attitude.
  2. Feelings
    How do you feel about life, your future, and the circumstances you are facing?
    Your feelings have a lot to do with your mental attitude. If you feel bad it could affect how you treat others as well as how you see yourself. Feelings can be deceptive if you misinterpret information in a negative way. Try doing things that make you feel good that are moral and don’t violate you values in life. Stop taking things so personal and start creating an environment of positivity. When you feel bad, know that things aren’t usually as bad as you feel. Like a child when they fall and bruise themselves while playing. They feel like the bruises will never heal, but sometimes when the parent kisses the bruise the child suddenly feels better. You can do the same when things feel bad, kiss the feelings with the thoughts of victory and watch your feelings change.
  3. Values
    Your values play an important role in your life. If you value someone’s opinion, how they feel about you matters. You values are beliefs in which you have personal and emotional interest. If you value something you will do what you can to protect it. Place value in how you think and you will do what you can to think positive. Have positive values and your actions will go in a positive direction.
  4. Disposition
    Your disposition is your usual mood and way of acting and dealing with things. When a person has a calm disposition, they will deal with challenges in a calm way. People who have a positive disposition see the positive in most every situation. This helps them to get through problems much easier than those with a negative disposition. If things in life seem to be going downhill, change you disposition and respond to the problem with the right mood.

Adjust your life in these four areas and make each area as positive as you can, and your mental attitude and outlook in life will go from a 4 to an 8, or from a 7 to a 10. The point is that the positive number will go up.