It is said that “Time can’t be stolen from you, only wasted by you.” Time is your most important asset when it comes to productivity. What you do with your time determines how productive you can be. Productivity is money, so the value you give to your time can determine how much money you can make. Success and time occupy the same space, so make them work together to your advantage. Those who succeed and those who fail share the same 24 hours. Therefore it’s how you use your time that determines the difference between success and failure. So use you time wisely and don’t waste time. Here are some time wasters to look out for.

1. Avoid long and unnecessary conversations in person or on the phone. One of the great time wasters is talking when you should be working. Talking seems to make time go by faster. That’s why you should manage your talk-time so you can be more productive.
Caller ID, voicemail, and schedules are tools that can stop the waste.

2. Breaks that break your flow. Does your mind sometimes trick you into thinking you need a break when you don’t?
Getting into a good work flow or zone is hard to find, so don’t disrupt it with unnecessary breaks like turning on the TV or radio, playing games on your phone or the Internet, or getting a snack even when you’re not hungry. Take your breaks only when rest and nourishment are necessary for continued productivity. Protect your flow at all costs.

3. Interruptions by others. People dropping in unexpectedly can interrupt your work flow. Unless it’s someone important, reschedule a time for people who just “drop by” to come back at a more convenient time. Be cordial but control you production time.

4. Unrestrained TV time. Unless you’re a TV personality or work in TV programing, your TV time must be managed. One of the greatest wasters of our time is TV. Don’t get me wrong, TV is not evil. It can become a waste of valuable productivity time. Nowadays the Internet can also be very addictive.
Don’t get hooked if it’s wasting time. Turn them off.

5. Crisis Management (fire fighting). Unless you are a fire fighter or emergency worker you are not equipped to properly handle crises that get you off focus of what’s important. When you’re running around like a headless chicken, too much time is wasted through a lack of effectiveness. Stop putting out fires and do work. It’ll be time well spent.