Productivity is a must if you want to experience any degree of success in life. Most people want success and results, but lack the mindset and skill to get things done. Being productive is a mindset, a way of doing things, not just doing things. Mastering the art of productivity is not about a task, a chart, a spreadsheet or quota. Instead it’s about adopting a lifestyle to do much more of the right things with every moment you’ve been given. Productive people are productive as a way of life. They manage their effectiveness and maximize their use of time. When you’re not productive, your company loses money, time becomes an enemy, and opportunities are missed. That’s why you should do everything you can to maintain a productive lifestyle; because money, time, and opportunity are important commodities of success.

Most people are not productive in life. This is why most of the wealth of America is in the hands of the most productive people. I read an article that stated that 87% of the work force will not work effectively without constant supervision. If this article is true, this means that only 13% of people on the job have some degree of productivity in their lifestyle. This is good news for you because it doesn’t take much to put yourself in the top 13%. Being in the top 13% can change everything in your life. You’ll make more money because of your increased value. You’ll have more time because of your priorities. And you’ll be prepared for opportunities as they present themselves.

Here are some keys to mastering productivity…

  1. Productivity starts with a change of attitude.
    1. The attitude that says I will finish what I start effectively and in excellence.
    2. Finish on time or before the deadline. Yes productivity has deadlines!
  2. Speed and effectiveness are essential to mastering productivity.
    1. Be excellent, but also be quick. Find the tools and system that can help you do both.
    2. Speed, agility, and excellence will help you seize opportunities in a competitive environment.
  3. Tackle the hard things that yield the most, first.
    1. Usually the hard things are the most important thing. Don’t always take the path of least resistance. What you ignore will always resurface as a problem.
  4. Make a list of priorities every day.
    1. A list is a way to see your thoughts and priorities on paper. Lists help you to remember the important things. Lists will help you master productivity. People who list their life put themselves on the list of the top 13 percent who produce far more than the rest.