I’m so excited about being able to share things that can make a difference in your life. The last couple of weeks have been amazing and I look forward to ending this year strong. With just under three months to go in this year, I want to help you to finish this year strong. Let’s start with some things that have happened over the last couple of weeks.

This year’s EIM (Excellence in Ministry) conference was amazing. We discussed what excellence can do in a changing economy. I also did a lesson on faith that charged the crowd to believe on a whole new level. It was not your typical lesson on faith, it was a call to action. I recommend you get the CDs of the whole conference. It’ll be a game changer for you. Stacia’s sessions were invaluable if you’re ready for next level leadership. To get your CDs call 877-393-9860.

Don’t forget to get my free CD “10 Secrets of Excellence.” Sign up and get this important info! I really want you to have it so get it today on my blog page and also tell a friend about this free giveaway. In the days and weeks to come, keep checking back for more special posts that will help you on your journey to success. So stay tuned, we’re just getting started and want to bring you the best in leadership development and education.

Signed, Dr. James Pierce